A lot has happened over the last three months. I am enrolled in BE Computer Science course at Manipal Institute of Technology. Being a tech maniac, it was the only stream I wanted badly. After a month of college, I can easily say that I have easily adjusted to my new life. It is a fun place to be in and a nice place to study. The days are actually racing ahead and time actually flies. I have already taken the first of three sessional tests. Yes, they take tests very frequently. Our noses our always on the grindstone, but that does not mean that this place is all study. In this place, there has never been a dull moment. The minute I stepped into the campus, I found many friends, and we have also have a great time.

I spent most of my first month at college trying to cope up with the schedule and trying to maintain decent pace with studies. I practiced Maths and Basic Electrical Technology (BET for short) real hard, as they are the stumbling blocks of most students. We could not have any interaction with the seniors, as it is forbidden, for obvious reasons. That time, we did not have any distractions, as most of us had met for the first time. Now, we have got our laptops, which is of a decent configuration. With the Wi-Fi network, it is a great medium to find information (or to kill time…you decide).

This month, starting from tomorrow, the university is organizing it’s annual Tech-Fest: TechTatva. I am participating in one event : Avishkaar. It’s objective is to make design a bridge, which allows simultaneous passage of ships, without the obstruction of traffic on the bridge. Our team of four members have cleared the first round and have to present our paper in the final levels. We hope that our first scientific endeavour in this place turns out great. I am also volunteering in the fest, which is a novel experience. I am enjoying my days in this institute…