TechTatva is the annual tech fest of Manipal University. Being a first year at this institute, this was the first time I got involved in an event of this scale. Almost 60 events in 14 categories, belonging to all branches of engineering is phenomenal. The scale of the event was enormous, which is proven from the fact that the preparations for the event started about two months I of course got involved only about 20 days back. I had volunteered to help the coordinators in whatever way possible. This was necessary, as volunteers are given certificates and it also gives them a chance to manage the event in later years.

Just after our tests, the institute held workshops such as Microlite, Adobe Flex LED Lighting and the likes. I attended a few workshops, most of which were quite nice and informative. I only participated in one event : Avishkaar, which is the main event of TechTatva. They gave us a problem statement which we had to solve using engineering principles. THe problem statement was to design a bridge such that it allows simultaneous passage of ships and also traffic on the bridge. Our team comprising of three other first years including myself designed a combination of a Lift Bridge and a Table Bridge. We cleared the initial rounds and were the only First Years to make it that far. In the final round, our prototype model failed to work and that cost us the chance to win. Still, it was a great experience. Also, the last three days were quite hectic owing to preparing the model, and managing the volunteering duties. The second sessional tests are just a week away and my preparation needs a lot to be desired. I’ll have to do everything at the last moment, as our Chemistry professor says, ” as all MITians do…”.

Summing up, this  years event was a learning experience for me and next year, I will participate with much more enthusiasm and armed with better knowledge to make a difference.