Manipal Institute of Technology provides students with laptops for help in studies and further research. The brand changes from year to year. This year, they provided us with a Lenovo Thinkpad SL400c, which is quite a decent laptop. I was not expecting much from the laptop, but this one really gave me a pleasant surprise. The configuration is quite decent with a Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM upgradable to 4GB. The screen and the build is decent enough. The outer surface is nicely polished. The university also put in Windows 7, which is quite good, as Vista was quite a bloat. The bulk of Vista is removed. Now, to the problems. Windows 7 has not been officially released, and that is one problem. Some drivers are not available for Windows 7, and it also suffers from Software Compatibility issues. There have been various cases of laptops crashing here. Bluetooth has a known problem with Windows 7, and many of us here have problems using it. Also, the inbuilt graphics card, which is a meagre 32MB onboard is horrible. Overall, decent but the university could have done better to take the drawbacks into account.

With our laptops comes our Wifi internet connection provided by ION. What I heard initially was that the connection was too slow and horrible. It is partially true. It is sometimes unbearably slow. That is during peak hours. In my opinion, the connection is good enough. It does the job well enough. I dont have any problems with that peak hours problem, as at that time, I usually study. Except for downtimes, which happen every week, I have no complaints. What the university could have implemented was to allow browsing at night and stop downloads. Instead, it is the other way round, which is damn irritating sometimes. Once I had to look up something on cells and could not.