This has to be most bizarre incident that I have ever come across. I and my twin brother share a lot in common and we often end up doing the same thing at the same time. That happened very frequently when we were both together in our school days. Now, I am an Manipal whereas he is at Pune. Still the weirdest incedent to date has happened when we are not together.

We both have the same phone, a Samsung E1410. I lost my charger a few days back. He lost his at around the same time. He didnt bother to buy a new one and preferred to look for it into the mess of his room. I also tried to search for it in my messy room too. He borrowed a charger from his friend, who owned a Samsung Star 3G phone, while I also did the same. The best part is that we both got to know about the coincidence. We laughed over it for a good five minutes on the phone line (Rs. 5 down the drain…) . By now, I have realised, that even though we might be miles apart, there is still the mental link, that forces us to copy each others actions, by virtue of which we are photocopies of each other.