This has got to be the most bizarre controversy that I have come across in recent times. The “cattle class” tweet of Shashi Tharoor, the Union Minister of State for External Affairs has brewed up a storm like no other. It is most unfortunate that a witty comment has been widely misunderstood, and now people are gunning for him. His comment: “Sure, in cattle class in solidarity with our holy cows. “, was in response to a question, which asked whether he would travel “cattle class” next time. His response was in in humour and meant no offence.

Cattle Class is an oft used expression for economy class, due to the way in which they pack in the people like a herd of cows. This was terribly misunderstood by the people, and even his own party. This shows the insensitivity of people towards harmless comments. “Holy Cows” in my opinion was giving due respect to the people who travel by economy class. This controversy is surely needless and may tarnish the reputation of the Congress, which prides itself on being tolerant party, which supports freedom of speech. What we need is a bit of sense of humour and a tolerant attitude. This quote has surely been blown out of proportion.