Songbird is a free and Open Source media player-cum web browser that is supported by the Mozilla Foundation. I was looking for a alternative when I stumbled upon this great player. While it did not solve my original purpose, this player caught my attention, and since then, I have been using it.


Apple lovers will hate the interface, as it is modelled on iTunes. The look and feel is strikingly similar. On adding the Media Flow add-on, the interface is good enough to fool people into believing that it is iTunes. On the other hand, “tolerant” Apple users may fell at home here. By tolerant, I refer to the Apple fanatics, who can actually stand a clone of an Apple product.


The usability of the software is just great. It detected all my songs. It supports almost all major format, such as MP3, WMA, the likes. The Library feature, modelled on iTunes is nice. The Mini Player is the best I have ever used. It is compact, sleek and has the most options that I have seen in a player, including the ability to rate songs. I constantly put the player on the top and then do my work, while the songs are being played. The mini player actually stands out.


Being a product that has Mozilla connections, it can be extended by millions of addons that extend the functionality of the software. These can extend the media capabilities, integration with web services, and also the web browsing capabilities. There are several themes to choose from. Customisation is nearly limitless, as in all Mozilla products.

Web Browsing:

Songbird is not only a media player. It comes with a full fledged browser. It has the Gecko engine, which makes it very similar to Firefox. The usability is nice. It is a no nonsense browser and quite simple to use. Page Rendering is fast and the look and feel of the browser is nice. While this browser wont stop me and others using Firefox, it is a nice alternative to those, who want to have a media player and web browser rolled into one.

Fullscreen capture 03-10-2009 171900

Fullscreen capture 03-10-2009 171958

Fullscreen capture 03-10-2009 172019