The last week was one of the best since I came to Manipal, in terms of the break that we got. Three holidays and three half days is just great. This is the longest break that we have got in two months and we took a break from the mundane of the tests and assignments. I spent quite a lot of time relaxing. I took some time to go through my old blog posts, which I posted a few years. Nostalgia… Now that I look at them, I think that they were quite interesting to read. By turns humorous and sometimes hilarious. It is nice to read about the crazy things that I used to do in school, which had slipped out from my memory.

I also joined two clubs  at Manipal this week. The First club is the Akshay Urja club, which is all about the usage of renewable energy sources. It is government funded organization. Even though I am Computer Science student, I am interested in this field, and thus I joined it. I participated in a fantastic quiz called Cybermatrix. The concept of the quiz is interesting. The questions are in sequence, and one question unlocks the next question. Help can be taken from the internet, and twice, a lifeline can be used. I scored about 13. Just when things started to get interesting, the quiz finished. Could have done with more time. I also joined the Linux Users Group of Manipal, which is a registered group for Linux. They might conduct an InstallFest this coming week, and I am looking forward to it.

Reflecting back on the week gone by, I realise that there might not be a week like this till next year, as there are few holidays here. Still, I will have to make do with whatever I get.