It has been almost a week, since I came back to the Linux Domain. I have just been to Windows only twice or thrice since then. Ubuntu is really addictive, as the level of customisation is limitless. It has given me few headaches, except for the apt problem, which I know cannot be fixed till the bandwidth here is upgraded, and some ports opened for general use. ION should seriously consider this.

Almost all the general softwares like OpenOffice, VLC, Gstreamer plugins were installed by the LUG, in their modified version of the distro. I have since then installed Xampp (PHP, MySQL, Apache2…), Songbird and a few additional softwares. I found Amarok2 to be quite unusable. It’s interface looks great, but it just doesnt play anything. I tried every solution on the web, but to no avail. I am planning to revert to the Classic Amarok 1.4, which is my all time favourite player, though the second spot may go to Songbird, which is the closest I can get to Amarok, through it’s plethora of features, extensions, and also open source nature.