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After Coming home, I spent two weeks in complete relaxation. There were no tensions and for the first time, no studies. I was rid of my Engineering textbooks and I had nothing but time on my mind. I spent a good six hours watching movies, programming and playing FIFA 09. After that, I spent quality time with my parents. This is the only time I am going to be able to relax for quite some time as the new term starts in January, and already time is flying. Our results came out a few days back, and I got a decent 8.73 GPA, which is good, but I have to improve a lot to become a Nine Pointer.

After some enjoyment in Greater Noida, I made a trip to Lucknow, my birthplace. It was nice, returning after a long time. I am currently at my paternal grandparents place, and am having a blast. I am being pampered with great food, something which I couldnt enjoy in the last few months. Coming to Lucknow is always a great feeling and I always feel at home. In some time, I will be off to my maternal grandparents home, also in Lucknow, and have some great fun there. By the time I return I would have gained 5 kilos and would have shed my image of a skinny guy…So far, the holidays have been complete with enjoyment and relaxation, something I would have to yearn for in the future…