I am posting after a long time, just because I felt too lazy to express myself, and also due to the reason that I did n ot have much to offload. Life has been fairly repetitive here, just because of our crazy time table, which does not give us a minute of time to ponder over the situation. Still, life has its moments.

This particular incident took place when I was on the phone with my brother. A dog passed by, and I jokingly told my brother that a dog wanted to have a word with him. I took the phone closer to the dog. The dog looked stunned that a stranger was offering food to a it. It sniffed, licked and then tore into it. Fighting laughter, I retrieved my phone, and spent the next hour laughing over it, and it kept me awake for the night, and in turn helped me burn the midnight oil. Easily, the most hilarious incident in a long time…