Multimedia content is quite well supported in Linux, contrary to popular perception. Though it requires more customisation, and everything doesnt work out of the box, everything works perfectly when configured. This fact was made clear, by a number of demonstrations of multimedia softwares in Linux, during the Linux InstallFest

Softwares Demonstrated:

1.) Rhythmbox:
The default music player in most GNOME distributions. It supports most music formats, and brings in features such as Podcast support, iPod support, and syncing with Online Radio Stations

2.) Amarok:
The de facto player in KDE based distributions, it is a hot favorite with many people, owing to its large support base, excellent features such as Scripting, Online Music Store support, and support for a large number of audio devices.

3.) Banshee:
It is another GNOME player, developed by Novell. Its interface is quite similar to Rhythmbox. It supports both audio and video formats, and has a large plugin base. Some notable plugins are Youtube videos, Multimedia Key Support among others.

4.) VLC:
VideoLAN Client or VLC has been a popular player due to the fact that it plays almost all known formats, with its large codec set. It is also known for its stream content playback, which was its original purpose. It is by far the preferred player by many for video playback.

5.) Brasero:
The default CD/DVD burning application in most GNOME based distributions. It has a minimalist approach, so users of Nero and other softwares will feel completely at home.