I am posting on this blog after a really long time, partly because I have been too busy. This has seriously been the trying semester of all. I have been occupied for almost the whole of three months, working on one project or the other, or catching up with my studies. For all I can say, I have learnt a lot in the past four months.

It all started with me taking up the IBM TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge). A Full fledged application had to be made on some given topics. I, as a team of four designed, tested and created an application using Java and submitted it. The results of the competition are still awaited, though, it took a lot of effort, I gained a lot of experience in application development.

I also took a workshop on Application Development using Qt on behalf of LUG Manipal. It was a success, as many people appreciated the workshop, and said that they learnt a lot. To this day, I keep on getting calls for help on Qt. I also took a talk on Regular Expressions in Programming Languages, which was not that successful, as it was not attended by that many people. Lastly, I, along with 3 others conducted the Web Development Workshop. I handled the MySQL, and its connection with PHP part. I was supposed to handle the Sessions, Cookies and a login script demonstration part, but could not, as I got sick in the middle of the workshop. Still, I gained a lot of experience in conducting workshops, and have also lost some of the stage fright, which bugged me quite often.

I attended the GNOME ASIA summit in Bangalore recently. It was an extremely nice experience. I had interactions with a variety of people. They shed light on how to contribute to the Open Source Movement, and I was quite inspired and motivated. Plus, I got a hands on the new GNOME 3, which is absolutely stunning.

Lastly, I can say that this was the defining time of my life. I have learnt so much, and have been so busy these four months, I can say that I like this sort of an environment.