I applied for GSoC 2011 under the openSUSE project. In the initial days, I spent considerable time looking up projects, but I was not very convinced on which one would suit me. After a phase of considerable uncertainty, I decided to apply under the openSUSE project.

The title of my project was ‘Build Service Plasma Widgets’. The idea was to interface the openSUSE Build Service with KDE Plasma Widgets. I have to thank Manu Gupta for suggesting me this project and for helping me a lot throughout.  The next weeks were spent researching KDE Plasmoids and the Build Service API, which has been the bottleneck. I feel that the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. The Build Service IRC Channel (#opensuse-buildservice on freenode) was extremely supportive and helpful. I had discussions with Will Stephenson, the mentor for the project, and he guided me a lot.

The results came out a few days back. Though my proposal wasnt successful, it was a great learning experience. In fact, I had done considerable research for the project and on realising that this project had no takers, I have decided to do this project voluntarily. I contacted Will on this matter, and he is willing to mentor me. I have no words to express my gratitude to the open source community for supporting me. I also have to thank Vikash Agrawal, who reviewed my project and helped me throughout, and congratulate him on his own selection.

Overall, this has been great applying for GSoC 2011. My hearty congratulations to all the selected students, which include 8 from Manipal including my friends and seniors at LUG Manipal. I am motivated and inspired enough to apply for next year, and will put all my efforts into completing the build service project