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I have started the coding for the Open Build Service Plasma Widgets. I had done research on this project for Google Summer of Code, but my proposal wasnt succcessful. I badly wanted to do the project, and was boosted by the fact that the project had no takers in GSoC. So, i contacted my mentor, and he agreed to mentor me.

The objective of the project is to implement Plasma Widgets for the KDE desktop, which interface with the Open Build Service. Initially, I had decided that I will be making the plasmoids (as they are called) in JavaScript/QtScript. After much research and discussions with my mentor, I have decided to use QML. This will be more advantageous, as most of the KDE plasmoids are being ported to QML, under another GSoC project.

The inital step is to write a dataengine in Qt, which will make calls to the API and act as the data interface between the plasmoids and the Build Service. I have started coding the dataengine part. The next phase will be coding the plasmoids, and using the dataengine. QML animations will be an integral part of the project.

Link to GSoC Idea:

I have hosted the project at gitorious: