A month has gone by since work started on implementing Plasma Widgets for the Open Build Service. I had initially thought of implementing the widgets in JavaScript, but now am implementing them in QML. The workflow for the project is now pretty clear to me, and I can say that I am nearing the halfway mark for the project.

The first step was to implement a dataengine, which would be used to make API calls to the build service API. For a long time, this remained the bottleneck for the project. The implementation was done with C++, and using the Qt Libraries. I used the Qt Network Libraries instead of the KDE Libraries, simply as I am more comfortable with them. Till very recently, I was not sure on how to pass parameters to the dataengine, but with help from #plasma, this is now resolved. The dataengine for displaying the build results of a package is complete, though I still cant test it, as it does not show up on the list of installed dataengines. I am yet to resolve this issue.

Work on the plasma widgets is on. I have prepared a layout for the widget to display the Build Results of a package. The design part is over, and the implementation of the functionality has to be implemented using JavaScript. I have also prepared the UI for saving the username and password required for accessing the API, and have managed to save the user settings. Only the connection of the plasmoid with the dataengine, and the display of the results is remaining in the implementation of the first plasmoid.

Link to Project:https://gitorious.org/build-service-plasma-widgets