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This is just another update on the Build Service Plasma Widgets. The Build Results was the first widget that I had completed, and it was showing build results properly. Somehow, the UI doesnt feel completely all right now. I have implemented it using a text box to enter the name of repository, and a button to make the API call. I have a few more UI mockups, which I think suit the use case better.

1.) To make four combo boxes, one each for selecting Repository, Project, Architecture, and Package. This would take three API calls, and could possibly make it a frustrating experience for the user. However, my mentor told me that it is an option.

2.) To keep the results only for the Home Project. It would make the use very limited, and restrictive, but would be easiest to implement. Probably, it is not a useful option

I would probably implement all the possible cases in a separate branch, and then see which is more feasible.

On another note, I have shifted the project to GitHub:
Link: https://github.com/saurabhsood91/Build-Service-Plasma-Widgets