A calamitous week. I totally lost control of my project, and am now struggling to get it back under control. It was all looking good, with a few (yet nasty) bugs. In the effort to correct those bugs, some changes wrecked havoc, and now, I cannot get the dataengine to run. I used an old copy of the dataengine, and have at least managed to install the engine, but the functions are not working properly.

The worst part is that the problem has come inspite of version control, and that is not pleasant. Now, I have to use both the old copies of the project, and also the new copies, and a mix ‘n’ match will probably get something to work. Then, I can get about to improving the look and feel of the plasmoids, and then package them. I still need to work on the new UI for the Build Results Plasmoid. Now I have my work cut out till January.