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This post has been long overdue. I have been meaning to post since a long time, but it has got delayed due to some or the other reason. The last few months have been great. I completed most of the code for my OBS widgets, and quite a lot of the errors in pulling the data from the API have been taken care off, but still some minor irritating bugs exist. Also, the task of packaging the widgets remains.

After nearly a month of it’s release, I installed the KDE version of openSUSE 12.1. The installation bugged me a lot, and I had some problems setting it up. After the installation finished, I knew why openSUSE is the best KDE distribution. The branding is just awesome, and everything works seamlessly. I spent nearly two hours playing just with Activities, and the Netbook interface. All seemed well, till I started getting Kernel messages, and after that, all hell broke loose. I kept getting messages from syslogd, and the system used to hang up after that. I attempted a reinstall, and things seemed to work better, but the messages didnt subside. I need to get my system serviced for Hardware Problems now.

I applied for a talk on ‘Developing OSC Plugins’ at FOSDEM under the Distributions Devroom. My talk got approved, but I had to pull out of the talk due to some constraints. It was quite gutting not to be able to attend a major conference. I followed the talk via Twitter, and the Live Streams, and specially liked Adrian’s talk on the OBS. I would surely try and make it to the conference the next time.

Google Summer of Code 2012 has been announced, and I have begun my preparations in full fervor. I have chalked out a plan, and have begun checking out the list of projects, and interacting with communities. I hope to finally participate this year, and get a great project with loads to learn, and have a cracking summer