Since last year, I have been interested in learning how Phonon and GStreamer work. So, last year, I had started work to develop a music player that uses the Phonon framework. I designed the layout, and some classes for the player, and then went into hibernation for about four months. Then, I restarted development when I chose it as a college mini project. Some 10 hours of coding, and I get a working music player, which I can use to play songs. I haven’t added any library features ( I plan to implement the same using XML). Also, I have to drastically improve the TableWidget, which is extremely elementary. I should get a player with these drawbacks removed by the end of this week


Onto GSoC, I am thinking of applying under two projects for Amarok. One is to QMLi’fy the Amarok Context View. I have been working on it for the past few weeks, and have worked out POC implementations for the Current Track Applet. The second project is to Implement Tomahawk features such as Social Media, and Streaming in Amarok. I have just managed to build Tomahawk, after a hectic struggle, and plan to study the code in the coming weeks. The third project is to implement a better One Click install for openSUSE. I have just started work on it, and have contacted the mentor. I am raring to have a go at GSoC this time, and am hoping everything turns out well for an awesome summer.