I have been accepted into this year’s Google Summer of Code program under the openSUSE project. It is a great opportunity to contribute to one of the best communities I have come across. My project is ‘Beautiful 1-Click Install’, and its intention is to make the 1-Click install feature of openSUSE really ‘1-Click’. Over the course of the program, I would implement the user interface in Qt, which will interact with the user in reading YMP files, and then perform the actual installation using libzypp. I would try and separate the user interface and the backend as much as possible, so that applications in GTK+ can also be implemented. My mentor Cornelius Schumacher, and Co-mentor Matt Barringer have been extremely helpful in guiding me through the details regarding the project.

So far, I have made a simple interface for the main screen (without styling), and have been trying out sample codes to read and parse YMP files, and add repositories. I will be using this space to post updates regarding the status of the project at regular intervals. I hope to do this project justice, and learn a lot in the process