This is my second status update for Google Summer of Code ’12.  It will be the last update for some time, as I will be having my exams in the forthcoming weeks, and I will need to channel my energies there. Though it is still the Community Bonding Period, I (and my mentor agrees with me) thought it best not to make a distinction, and start some of the code. Since the last update, I have tried to refine the code that I had written. I have a partial UI ready, and I am working on the backend. I had written code to parse a YMP file and have since implemented it as a class. libzypp has proven to be the biggest bottleneck due to its sheer size and complexity. I will need to study a lot of existing code of zypper  before I get to the task of resolving dependencies, and installing packages. I had got my code reviewed, and so most of the time was spent in refining the code. After my exams are over, I will continue my work on the project full time. The progress of the project can be tracked at the following Trello board.

Tracking Board :