This is my third Google Summer of Code status update, and the first after finishing my exams. Now, I have begun working full time on the project. So far, to understand the usage of libzypp, I made a tool called parseymp, and am using it to accomplish tasks such as reading a YMP file, parsing the contents, adding of repositories, and installation of packages. I have managed to add repositories, and am currently working on installation of packages, and retrieving of GPG keys for the repositories. This is necessary, as installation of packages with unsigned repositories will result in libzypp callbacks. I am hoping to implement these two tasks very shortly. I also spent some time writing a unit test case to test the parser for YMP files. As of now, it works but it needs improvement as some of the parameters are hardcoded. I will work on it after the installation of packages. I am implementing most of the stuff in the parseymp tool for the moment, and without much of exception handling, but will incorporate the necessary changes as soon as possible.