The new 1-Click installer is shaping up well. This week, I worked on performing the actual installation of packages retrieved from the YMP file. This took me some time to accomplish, owing to complexity of libzypp. As of now, I can install packages using libzypp. In case of dependencies, if they are resolvable, they are selected for installation. I have implemented the installation in the Package class, and have written a unit test case to test its functionality. I have already been able to add repositories, and pool its packages, but importing of GPG keys was remaining, and this has now been completed. I implemented the required callbacks, and have retrieved the keyring for the repositories, which will be added. I am deferring the task of user interaction with regard to importing the keys for a later stage. Besides these tasks, I have also started unit testing, and have written test cases for adding a repository, importing of GPG keys, and installation of packages. The backend as of now has a good shape and can be used. The next task lies in creating the user interface which will use the backend, to perform the actual installation. I also need to discuss with my mentor in connecting the UI and the backend. Another important task will be the privelege level at various stages of the installation. I will be discussing this with my mentor in the coming days. Lastly, I need to handle libzypp exceptions, and this will be done shortly