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The GSoC programme has reached its mid way mark. Much has been achieved since the programme started, and now I am at the cusp of a major milestone – To get a working installer with a decent looking interface. Much of last week was spent in improving the interface design. I created a layout for the summary of installation, and the final screen in which the installation takes place. These widgets were then connected to form the flow, as given in the mockup. With this done, I started on the all-important task of connecting the backend functions with the user interface. This turned out to be harder than I had initially thought it would be. It is slightly complex, as we have to elevate user privileges when libzypp functions have to be used. This means that two executables may be needed, one with elevated privileges. Another problem was the passing of data between the executables. We ultimately settled on a file based approach. I have written a Design Document, which lists the current approach.

Link to Design Document:

Currently, I am facing some problems in the connection. I am able to elevate the privileges, but I havent been able to confirm whether the backend is working as it should. I am testing it with some YMP files, and will work on getting a good working implementation.

After the mid term, I will need to work on getting the progress, and summary data into the user interface. I will also need to handle solving of conflicts, and create user interfaces for that as well. It has so far been an exciting project to work on, and I have learnt a lot.