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Yay! I successfully managed to clear my mid term evaluation, and it feels great. Since the beginning of the project, much has been done, and the installer is shaping out nicely. The user interface is turning out as expected, but still a lot of work is remaining. Much of the last week was spent in connecting the UI and backend. A particularly hard to spot segmentation fault was troubling me, and was causing the backend helper to fail. Now that is sorted out, and I have a working installer, which doesnt show progess as of now. The backend is limited to adding the repositories, and installing the packages. The UI has become way better that what it was last week. I have fixed the show/hide bug, and added a scrollbar. To manage the workflow, I have now integrated the screen widgets in a QStackedLayout. To base the workflow on the mockup, I have implemented a Settings dialog. The settings enable the following if selected:

1.) Automatic showing of the repository details
2.) Enable showing the installation proposal

By default, both of these options are disabled. Now, the focus will be on getting real data into the user interface. This will be done by another version of the backend, which will interface with libzypp. Root privileges will not be required for this version of the backend. Once the relevant data is retrieved, this can be integrated into the UI. Then follows the task of showing installation progress into the UI, and packaging the installer with the Build Service. The project is now entering into hopefully the most exciting phase!!!


Some Screenshots: