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This will be a short status. I was very busy throughout the week, having returned to university, and having tests and interviews, so the progress was comparatively less this week. Here were the accomplishments of the week

1.) Setting up of Git tags, and pushing them to the Github repository

2.) Creating a bash script which reads a version file, and creates a versioned tarball to upload to the build service. The script also pushes tags to github, based on the version.

3.) Adding of License Headers to the source files. I have used GPLv2 for the installer.

4.) Fixing of compiler warnings. Due to moc being run on backend classes along with others, the compiler was producing ‘No output generated’ warnings. A CMake edit fixed the issue.

5.) Extremely slow start of application. Due to repository metadata being fetched at start of application (and due to repository refresh), the startup of the application was extremely slow. I deferred the metadata to clicking the show/hide button. This still needs work, as it would be great if the refreshing could be altogether avoided.