The end is nigh. GSoC this year is close to the end, and I must say that it has been the defining period in my life. It has been a great learning experience, and the community has been very supportive. Overall, much of the project has been implemented. I will be taking on the remaining tasks beyond the purview of GSoC.

This week was one of the most productive weeks. Following were some of the highlights of the week:

1.) Fixed a host of UI issues. Now, the UI is very close to the mockup in most respects.

2.) Completed fetching package metadata. I used zypper info along with QProcess to fetch the package data. I have made the process non blocking so that user interaction will still be possible.

3.) Fixed the nasty bug which crashed the application when two repositories are present, and we try to display the metadata for both repositories.

4.) Fixing of slow start of the application. I deferred the call for repository metadata on clicking the show/hide button. I also plan to use a QProcess for non blocking effect here, similar to package metadata

The next week will be spent in testing the application for flaws, and then refining the application. Following are some tasks to be carried out:

1.) There is a strange problem with the application. On installing clementine, my system got messed up, and the X server crashed. The backend code needs to be analyzed well.

2.) The missing borders remains an issue, and needs to be sorted out.

3.) The installation screen needs to be refined. Also, a result screen needs to be made to show the final outcome of the installation.

I will get these tasks resolved, and end GSoC 2012 on a major high. Then, I will work on the remaining tasks that stretch beyond GSoC.