All good things come to an end. Finally, after five engaging months, I have come to the end of the Google Summer of Code. It was an awesome experience, and does count amongst my best. My mentor has been very helpful and encouraging throughout the programme, and it was a pleasure and honour to work with him. I completed most of what I had intended to finish during the course of the programme, and have learnt a lot. There are some tasks that remain, which I will complete beyond the purview of GSoC.

A list of tasks finished this week:

1.) Making the installation safer. I realised that libzypp was just too low level for the scope of the project. It was ruining openSUSE installations. I implemented a new backend, based on zypper, which makes the system a lot more safer. I have tested it on my system, and on some virtual machines, and it works well.

2.) Major improvements in the User Interface. I made some changes, such as implementing proper borders, and managing sizes. Now, the application looks a lot more beautiful.

3.) Fixing bugs, such as Icon path

4.) Alignment of the software box with the warning widget. I also ensured that the warning box appears only when a repository is untrusted.

5.) If there is only one package, instead of a checkbox, I made a label.

I have committed these changes in the master branch, and have built packages for the same. I can safely say that the One Click Installer is now ready for testing. I am sincerely hoping I get positive feedback for it, and some suggestions for improvement