Yay!!! I successfully completed my Google Summer of Code with openSUSE. It really was the best time of my life, and one which I will cherish forever. Now that the programme is over, it is time to chalk out the roadmap for the future. The new one click installer still requires work to be done. Bugs have to be fixed, new features to be implemented and feedback gathered from the community. One phase is over and another begins. I will soon start the remaining work on the project, and will see it to completion.

Here is a outline for the remainder of the project:

1.) Fix existing bugs, and fixes based on existing feedback

2.) Integrate new icons

3.) Implement display of progress in the user interface

4.) Handling of licenses and failed resolution of dependencies

I will get started on this work in the first week of september. I will be starting with my monthly tests in my university, and also need a short break. I hope to do justice to the remaining part of the project, and ensure that software installation on openSUSE is never a problem for users.