This is my first status on the new 1-Click Instaler post completion of my Google Summer of Code. As I had mentioned earlier, plenty of work remains. There has been a long gap between my last update and this one, owing to tests in my university. I resumed work a week back, and I have since been fixing bugs. Here is an update of some of the work that was done:

1.) There was a bug in which the creation date and expiry date for the repository was the same. This was due to improper assignment in the Keyring handler, and has been rectified.

2.) A much harder bug to find was due to faulty QSettings implementation. The default values being returned by the QSettings implementation caused the repository information to be displayed by default unless the setting was explicitly changed. This led to a very slow startup. It was particularly hard to trace and was reported by Jos. I already had proper settings and thus didnt notice the issue. Changing the default return value from the settings module fixed the issue.

3.) Another issue was of too many password popups. I had implemented the call for the popup in the showEvent of the screen, and thus minimizing the window would create a new popup. I changed the location of the call for the password box, thus fixing the issue.

Next, I am planning to handle the unmanaged ‘Cancel Installation’ button, and then work on the progress module. This could be slightly tricky, and I would need to discuss this with my mentor. I will also try to implement native desktop environment support.

On another note, my sponsorship request for openSUSE Conference in Prague has been accepted. It will be awesome to get to finally meet the ‘People of openSUSE’ in person and interact with them. Prague beckons!!!