This is going to be a very short post. I actually was not able to work much for the past three weeks, owing to campus recruitments and other university related workload. I am comparatively free now, and have started on the remaining work. I am currently working on getting the installer to show progress. This is turning out to be slightly complex, as getting one process to write the progress, and another to read the progress values is a hassle. I was initially thinking of an XML approach, as zypper output can be retrieved as XML, which could be parsed. This has issues, as it is not human readable, and parsing is not very straightforward. I am now working on a simple file based approach, and should be able to complete it within this week. Lastly, I am visiting Prague, for the Bootstrapping Awesome event. I hope to meet fellow Geeko’s there, and hope to have an awesome time. oSC12 truly beckons!!!