This is one of the most awesome initiatives by the openSUSE community. It aims at supporting Geekos to duly represent openSUSE at Open Source Events by covering in part their travel and accomodation costs.

The process for getting sponsored is really easy to follow:

1.) Contribute (Its not a free ride!!!)
2.) Ensure the relevance of the event to openSUSE
3.) Submit a detailed request complete with a list of possible expenditures
4.) Receive confirmation of the sponsorship
5.) Make arrangements and GEEKO UP!!!
6.) Attend the event, and ‘Have a lot of fun!!!’
7.) Write a report about the event, and about being sponsored
5.) Get Reimbursed

For more details : http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Travel_Support_Program

I was sponsored to the openSUSE Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic in the past week, and it was an awesome experience. The conference and the location were great. I had loads of fun during the event, and learnt a lot. It felt great to finally meet the Geekos, with whom I had interactions online. I really have to thank Izabel, Kostas and Agustin for this awesome initiative. This will go a long way in promoting openSUSE, and to ensure that openSUSE is well represented at all major event. I hope to see more people using this program in the future.