The most irritating part post GSoC was that there was stuff remaining, and I was not getting time to complete it due to huge workload at my university. Now that is done and dusted, and I have begun work again. The first step lies in the progress module. I had put progress bars to show the progress of installation, but the progress values needed to be extracted, and that was a daunting task. I am using a file based approach here, and using the XML output of the zypper command to extract the progress values. Using QFileSystemWatcher, I am reading these values from the log file, and using them in the progress bar. It took me a long time to get the command right, and the code is now in a separate branch, and awaiting review. One problem lies in creating the log file when the installer is installed. I am currently working on that right now. The next step would be to handle dependencies, and providing options to the users. Another irritant has been handling MIME types, which I have not been able to manage so far. I will try to cover these issues in the coming weeks