This is not one of my status updates with my variant of the 1-Click installer, but 1-Click installations on openSUSE as a whole. A bit of carelessness while using the system caused me a lot of pain. So this article is about – How NOT to perform 1-Click installations.

It began with the simple need to install MonoDevelop. As always, searching on software.opensuse.org got the ymp file for me. Due to carelessness, I downloaded the ymp for version 12.2, when I am using version 12.1. Due to AMD pulling support for my ATI card, the new version of KDE would not run on my system, along with the new catalyst driver. I added the repository, and installed MonoDevelop. All seemed fine, till I performed a system update, causing me to install openSUSE 12.2 software.

I realised only after a long time, when I woke up to a broken system, which didnt allow me to start the X server. I tried to use YaST to downgrade to openSUSE 12.1, but I still was not able to start the X server. I decided to reinstall, but again some slight carelessness cost me. I am usually quite comfortable at the terminal, and taking a mundane backup using the terminal didnt seem like a big deal. After copying files, I forgot to check whether the files were actually copied in the destination. Due to space constraints, the copy operation had failed. On reinstallation, I lost a truckload of data.

Lessons learnt:
1.) Always check that the ymp file is for your version of the distribution
2.) Uncheck ‘Subscribe to Repositories’ for most of the repos. (This could have saved my system!)

Despite the unfortunate incident, I am a big fan of the One Click Install mechanism, and feel it is a good system to attract new users, and help them acclimatise with the new environment. It is just that a certain amount of care has to be taken in using it.