openSUSE is ready to rock Google Summer of Code this year. openSUSE figures in the list of 177 organizations for this years programme. This year promises to be very exciting, with a wide variety of projects on the ideas page relating to OBS, Virtualization to name a few. This year also promises to be bigger for the project as a whole, with openSUSE coparticipating with other organizations such as BalaBit (makers of syslog-ng), Hedgewars, ownCloud among others. Interest is quite high among students, and GSoC is quite an active topic for discussion on the Mailing List and IRC.

If you are a student interested in contributing to openSUSE, then Google Summer of Code is an awesome platform. You can start by looking at our ideas page, and catch us on #opensuse-project on Freenode (IRC) and our opensuse-project mailing list. Happy Contributing!!!