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This place has been quite inactive since the past two months. I have not been in hibernation, but didnt have too much to post about. Two months down the line, I have enough material that warrants a post, though will not make it too long

This is one part I am very excited about. openSUSE made it to this year’s GSoC, and is well poised to get awesome student contributors. Participating with us Hedgewars, ownCloud, Balabit (makers of syslog-ng). This has been quite awesome, as it points towards openSUSE as an umbrella organization. I am hoping participation of openSUSE is successful and fruitful.

1-Click Installer:
This is one major regret. I have not been able to put in much effort towards continuing making the installer, because my laptop developed severe problems. A faulty VGA chip and heat sink led to thermal shutdowns, and simply running Qt Creator (or any other IDE for that matter) was leading to thermal shutdowns. This has now been resolved, and my system is back on Track. I am planning to resume work very shortly, and will spend a lot of time on it. I plan to make it ready by the 13.1 release of openSUSE

Work has been quite exciting at Honeywell. At times tiring, but very fruitful. I learnt a lot during my time here, mostly about Flight systems and Design of large software in general. As my time here is nearing completion, I think I did some pretty cool work here too.

I am planning to pursue my Masters in the next two to three years, and hope to have good GRE scores by then. I have my exams scheduled in a months time, and my preparation is in full swing.

I have planned to attend the openSUSE Conference in July, and have already registered for it. Last year’s oSC was an awesome event, and I hope it is even better this time. For the Indian openSUSE Community, I am planning to create a Meetup Group, to interact with openSUSE users and Contributors regularly. I will give it shape in the coming days