I had the opportunity to attend conf.kde.in 2014 at DAIICT, Gandhinagar recently. Having missed the previous edition in 2011, due to not being aware of the event, and the fact that I was not using KDE back then, this one was a must attend. I had booked my tickets quite early, and was expecting an awesome conference.

-> It turned out to be THE best conference I have attended so far. The talks were simply amazing. I have used Qt extensively in my earlier projects, and also in my Google Summer of Code project, and I could relate to most of the talks. Some of the talks, such as the one on C++14 literally blew me away. Even the organizers felt that it deserved more time than was actually allotted to it. The sheer power of Qt and C++ was displayed very well.

-> The talk on Baloo (nepomuk 2.0) by Vishesh Handa was pretty nice. For obvious reasons, he could not delve into the details of semantic search, but the high level picture did give me a new outlook about KDE. I am now using nepomuk more than ever

-> Reusable QML Components by Avnee Nathani was another useful one. I realised that a lot of my OBS plasmoids code could be split into reusable chunks which I just need to use.

-> Being a big fan of the KDE Multimedia applications such as Amarok, Kaffeine etc, I liked the talk by Shubham Chaudhary. It’s main emphasis was about contributing to KDE Multimedia from the ground up. I actually started trying out patches for Dragon Player after the talk.

-> The talk on Plasma Media Center by Sinny Kumari was nice as well. Nice to see KDE targeting television as well. Unfortunately PMC doesnt work out of the box for me on my openSUSE system, and I am trying to compile from source and run it

-> Jos Poortvliet came down to India for taking a talk on KDE Frameworks, Plasma 2 and the direction KDE is taking. His talk was quite interesting and provided deeper insights into the KDE Community.

-> Lastly, the venue was awesome. DAIICT has quite a strong KDE base, having hosted a meetup in February last year. I quite liked the location.

-> The KDE Community ROCKS as usual. Meeting Shantanu and Pradeepto and many other KDE contributors was an awesome experience. I hope to keep up in the KDE community and get some patches in 😉

-> Best part of the conference – Some asking the full form of RTFM, and getting the answer 😀