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openSUSE has made it to yet another Google Summer of Code. This season, we got 14 students who would be contributing code to openSUSE, along with our sister organizations ownCloud, MATE and Zorp. Over the period of four months, students work towards completing their projects under the guidance of their mentors. Specific to openSUSE, we got a host of awesome projects with topics ranging to OSEM(Open Source Event Management), TSP(Travel Support Program application), Snapper, Live Flashing USB, Git Review, libvirt to name a few.

The projects (and their students) selected this season are:

1. Travel Support Program application – Karthik Senthil
2. Playlist Functionality for ownCloud Music App – Volkan
3. ownCloud Calendar Application in angularJS – Raghu Nayyar
4. openSUSE GSOC ideas: Cool live flash – Zsolt Peter Basak
5. Open Source Event Manager (OSEM): Refactor user management model – Stella Rouzi
6. Open Source Event Manager (OSEM): Implemention Organizer Dashboard – cbruckmayer
7. MATE: Port from deprecated GStreamer 0.10 – Michal Ratajsky
8. Integrate Snapper Snapshot browsing into openSUSE Desktop tools – Oguz Kayral
9. Implement an application-level LBaaS driver for Zorp – Péter Vörös
10. Extend Git-Review to support BitBucket – xystushi
11. Event Splash page for Visitors In Open Source Event Manager Application. – Gopesh Tulsyan
12. ePub support in Atril (MATE) – Avishkar gupta
13. Add Snapshot management API to libvirt Xenlight driver – David Kiarie
14. Improving the functionality of the extensions system in Caja – Alexandervdm

We hope to have an awesome summer of code with a lot of code being integrated into the respective codebases.
Happy Hacking!!!