It was a normal day at work, and I was riding back home. The traffic was busier than usual, and I was getting stuck at many signals. At one particular signal, I saw many motorcyclists using the pavement. This was nothing new, and is quite common in Bengaluru. What followed certainly was new. An old lady, probably in her mid sixties told off two guilty motorcyclists. When she them ignoring her, she stood in the middle of the pavement trying to stop others, shouting ‘I WILL NOT LET YOU PASS’. I stood there transfixed staring at this Gandalf incarnate, not knowing what to do. I thought of helping her, by blocking the other half of the pavement, but by the time I got off my bicycle, the lady had moved on, and the signal had turned green. Throughout my way back, I was thinking of the old lady…the lone warrior trying to make a difference in her own little way. Her effort may have proved futile, but she did inspire me to not look away when I see something wrong happening, especially if I can help prevent it.