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Sometime back, I wrote a post about how I got inspired by a lady in upholding traffic rules. I actively took upon myself to do my bit in this regard. Just today, traffic came to a standstill due to the rains. My usual commute by bicycle took me an hour and half, as opposed to 35 minutes. I encountered 3 individuals, whom I told off for riding on the footpaths with varying responses:

Person I:
I was blocking the area from where bikers could get onto the footpath. This guy repeatedly honked at me, after which I pointed out that it was a footpath. I told him that I would not budge no matter what he does. The guy forced out a way, not caring whether he hits my bicycle or tramples over me. He rode over the footpath, and got stuck in the jam a few meters away(which is what these idiots often do).

Person II:
This guy knew what he was doing was against the rules. I shouted out to him. He replied ‘I know that I am riding on the footpath. I know that it’s wrong’. He just sped away. These people are the most dangerous. They know that it’s wrong, and still do it. This guy really infuriated me.

Person III:
Same situation as with Person I. I had the following conversation;

Me: That’s a footpath.
Him: So?
Me: You know it’s against the law.
Him: I am getting late.
Me: So am I. Do you see me riding on the footpath? I am not even obliged to follow traffic rules.
Him: This is India
Me: That is irrelevant.
Him: Look to your right. People riding on the footpath.
Me: Don’t justify. I will try and stop them as well. I am taking photos of their plates and will send to Traffic Police for action.
Him: <looks surprised> Ok. Fine

Signal turns Green

Me: Thanks.

The third conversation was interesting. I really hope that the guy respects pedestrian rights. Now, it is time to start a campaign. I will carry my cellphone with me when I ride, and take pics of those violating traffic rules, such as jumping a signal, or riding on the footpath, and tweet to Bangalore Traffic Police for them to take action. I sincerely hope others do the same and report the transgressors to the traffic police. It’s time to end this menace, and bring some semblance of order to the already clogged up traffic.