Disaster had struck that year. A major injury had bed-ridden him for months. The dream of landing a place at the football club he supported had been shattered. Words could not explain his feelings of anguish. His “friends” at the academy had deserted him, glad that an obstacle to their prospective careers was removed.
He had but one faithful friend – the furry creature by his side. Buster became the friend the boy craved for. He watched him struggle with his feeling of failure. He listened to his ramblings about how cruel the world was. However, the one thing Buster could not do was to speak words of comfort – to tell the boy that things would ultimately work out in the end.

Years later, while cleaning the closet, an old woman happened upon the ‘furry creature’. She had not seen Buster since that terrible night. A tear glistened in her eye. Overcome with grief, she hurriedly shut the closet.
Buster wanted to tell her so much, to provide closure. But once again, he failed.