He had truly discovered hell. It was just like another cold, chilly November day. He had decided to seek solitude in the nearby park. It was a fine place to escape the cacophony that plagued the city that week. He had just laid his head down on the cool grass when it happened. It was a group of 4 people who pounced on him. They were obviously drunk, for no ‘human’ would be capable of doing something like that. It burned. It burned bad. There was nothing he could do to escape it. He ran to find a pool of water, which would ease the pain. Gunshots, followed by searing pain. All he could do was run. When he thought it could not get worse, a blinding pain shot through his ears. It was nothing like he had experienced before. He knew he was going to die. It was time to make his peace. He stopped running, curled up on the side. As his eyes closed, he had one last look at the colorful sky, with pink and green streaks all across the horizon. It looked beautiful.