The landing crafts were very close to the beach. He looked around. His brothers were dead scared. One of them was saying a quiet prayer. A mortal shell landed on the landing boat next to them, which exploded. This was the moment they had prepared for, and had been dreading in equal measure. The gates opened, and instantly they were under heavy fire. He immediately realized that they were heading into a bloodbath. He knew he had to move quickly. He ran. He could see logs in the shape of X’s strewn apart and ran to take momentary shelter. That was the key: to run towards the nearest logs and hope you don’t get hit. He had been hit once on the thigh. So he called out for a medic, for first aid. While he was getting aid, he looked around, and the sight was gruesome. So many of his company had succumbed trying to dodge the firing from the cliffs. He was quite close to the cliff. His captain fired the bangalores and clearing the shingles that kept them from entering the enemy territory. They stormed inside. They were in a minefield. He saw some soldiers getting blown up. There was heavy artillery fire. He took out his Springfield rifle, and took out the MG-42 gunners. The path to the battlements was clear. His brave band of brothers entered the battlements and prepared for the final assault to reclaim the beach.

After a 100 failed attempts, the boy heaved a sigh of relief, as he saw the message ‘Mission Completed’ on his screen.