The fighting was intense. Both sides were giving it all they had. The dead were strewn across the field. It had not been a long battle, but both sides had suffered heavy casualties. Looking from a distance, one of the Kings discussed strategies with his trusted advisors. A devilishly cunning plan was born. The king commanded his heroic knight to lure and engage the chariot, who was protecting the enemy king. The valiant knight obeyed his king and challenged the enemy charioteer. It was a mismatched battle. The king knew from the beginning that he was sending his brave knight to his death. But this is war, and there is no room for sentiment. While his knight was getting slaughtered, he ordered his general to slay the now unprotected enemy king. As the crown fell from the slain king, the battle was won.

Nobody wept for the knight. There were no songs to be written for him. A handshake…that was it.