Last weekend I worked on creating a Chrome Extension. I was not very familiar with Chrome extensions, though I had earlier created one in my undergraduate course. This time, I thought to do a better job, and finally publish something on the App Store.

The objective was to retrieve events from the Eventbrite based on the user’s location. The user could use his browser’s location, or type the name of the place he wants to get the events for. As an additional feature, the app marks the events that are happening on the coming weekend.

As far as technologies go, I used plain HTML, Angular.js, Bootstrap and basic Chrome API’s for the implementation. Implementation was quite rewarding, as I got to explore authentication with OAuth, the Eventbrite API, and the Chrome API’s. It still needs a lot of work to be good, and I need to add Icons and screenshots on the App store, but it’s a start. I hope to improve upon the application in the coming days.

Chrome Store Link:

GitHub Link