Never has a book affected me so deeply, as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. It has firmly displaced ‘The Kite Runner’, as my favorite book. I don’t usually review books, but the myriad of emotions I felt while reading it makes me want to capture my thoughts. I absolutely loved the way Harper Lee has written the book. It is witty, funny, and clearly captures the sentiments of the 6 year old Scout, whose viewpoint the book is written from. The characters are richly developed, and grow over time. The handling of a topic as sensitive as racism is excellent.

Specific events in the book have stuck around, and make the book brilliant:

  • The kid’s childish efforts to bring out the reclusive Boo Radley were hilarious to read. It reminded me of the numerous times I come up with crazy bombastic plans to achieve something.
  • The sequence in which Atticus is surrounded by the mob is my favorite part of the book. The mob is out to lynch Tom Robinson. It takes the kids for them to realize what they were about to do. The kids shaming the mob remains one of the most thrilling chapters I have read, and enhances my belief that people are generally good at heart.
  • The courtroom chapters were brilliant, and the most engaging parts of the book.
  • The recurring allusions to the Mockingbird, as a motif for innocence has stayed with me. The revelations of the actual mockingbirds of the story, left me breathless. The book could not have been more aptly named.
  • I loved how the Scout’s relationships with other characters (specially Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra) evolve.
  • The ending is sheer brilliance, and reveals the genius that is Harper Lee

Overall, the book stands as the finest I have read so far. I now plan to read the sequel (Go Set a Watchman), and hope for another amazing ride.