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Learning React.js had been on my mind for quite some time. I had seen it’s usage during my internship at Chegg, but had never really got around to using it. I had stuck with Angular.js for quite some time, but have been itching to try something new. Over the past 1 month, I took some tutorials from Lynda.com, and one brilliant React.js tutorial I found. However, I felt that I actually had to develop something, in order to validate whether I have understood all I learnt.

I picked up my Eventbrite Chrome Extension, which I had developed sometime back. It was broken for a few weeks, and while fixing it, I thought it is a good candidate to develop in React. I took to this task, and working intermittently over the course of a week, I completed it, and pushed it to the Chrome store. I made a few changes to the design, which I felt were required:

– I removed the ‘Search by Location’ option, as it is redundant. In place of this, I added a generic ‘Search’ option, where the user could search by event itself.
– I removed the ‘Search by Location’ option, and made it ‘Default’
– General tweaks to Pagination, and Event display

My experiences with React have been really good. I struggled a bit with Tooling, and working with webpack was initially painful, but towards the end, I had got pretty used to it, and grown to like it. I absolutely loved the concept of Components in React, and breaking down each aspect of the application down to the minimal component was a fun task in itself. I am pretty sure I can improve upon my React code further, by building/reusing more components, which I will keep doing as I keep learning more. The extension is available at:

Code: https://github.com/saurabhsood91/eventbrite-popular


Until next time 🙂