I hacked together an Alexa skill called ‘Job Search‘ over the weekend, for the purpose of hunting for a job. I had thought of this idea sometime back, and decided to implement it over Spring Break (which wasn’t a break in any meaning of the word). A few hours of coding, and I have a working skill, which I submitted to the Alexa Skills store.

What it Does?
– Allows you to search for a tech job based on role. You can optionally provide a City as well (currently restricted to the US).
– Alexa can read out the experience required for the job
– Also, you can ask Alexa for the technologies you would need for that role.

What I Used?
– A Python Flask server using the awesome Flask-Ask framework for building Alexa apps
– Zappa to deploy the skill (It deploys a WSGI wrapper to S3, and the skill to AWS Lambda)
– The GitHub jobs API to query for jobs

What I learnt?
– The basics on developing skills for Amazon Alexa
– How to deploy an Alexa app
– Flask is just awesome šŸ˜‰

What’s next?
– Add more features to the skill (Like when the job was posted, and other stuff which may be important to the job seeker)
– Make the interaction model a bit better, based on user feedback
– Add a feature which links a Gmail account with the Alexa skill, so that you have the option of emailing the job to your Gmail account.
– Submit to the Alexa Devpost hackathon šŸ˜‰

This has been a really fun hack to work on, and I learnt a lot in the process. Until the next Weekend Project šŸ˜‰